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William and Edwardis about handsome, honest, design

With a collected and curated aesthetic, our approach to your project is practical and accessible. We want you to be as much a part of the project as you want to be in a process we call "guided design". The more you're part of the design the more you will love it. Come hunt for the perfect object, learn a new skill and help out, if you want too. Visit a project and learn about the guided process, courses that we offer and check out the blog and the shop, see what were up too...
Contact us at: william&edward.com and make an appointment at the studio.


Let us help you restyle your home or garden. For a flat rate we can come to your home and help you refine what your space is. We will give advice on color and layout along with helping you decide what to keep and what you need to get to create the space you want

From the ground up lets totally over haul your space, indoor or out with a customer design consultation, specializing in unique and creative spaces. Be it a new home or an existing room that you just want to completely re imagine. We will guide you through every step and can get the work done for you. We can provide every detail if its what you need

Send us a photo of your design issue and lets us suggest products from our store to help you easily create a new look. If we don't have it we can show you where to get it from, or we can go hunt it down for you, as always its free delivery. Even better drop us an email and come shop the showroom in NYC or upstate New York


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