• $22.00

    Grey Coffee Mug

    This is the perfect mug, you know the one that fits into your hand perfectly.  Discovered whilst traveling in Vietnam this is made there locally. Beautifully simple in design in the perfect soft shade of grey, with a clear glaze.  Its wide s ...
  • $22.00

    Small Black Side Dish

    The beautiful matt black exterior on this small dish handmade in Vietnam was what initially grabs our attention.  Found whilst traveling through Vietnam this imported simple dish is a great addition to the tabletop.   Measuring 5 1/4" width and standing 2" ...
  • $200.00$225.00

    Hand Dyed and mended Cotton throw Blanket

    Imported from India these blankets are made from old printed fabrics and then running stitched together. They are then stripped of color to become muted patterns and then over-dyed to be a subtle and modern interpretation of an antique blanket. The hand ov ...
  • $200.00

    petrified antlers

    A set of antlers that has been petrified under water and later discovered.  They have a beautiful grey patina to them which makes them so unusual.