Bedroom Renovation

As i sit here and look at the before photos i question why i am even undertaking this project. This part of the house that has two bedrooms and a bathroom in and a very large hallway space is the original 1830’s structure and is all post and beam with peg construction. This is discovered when i first looked at the house but i didn’t know just how beautiful she was until i got the keys and started ripping some layers off. The first was the living room ceiling which was amazing to unearth. So as i was starting to look at replacing the roof i was looking in the attic and discovered how amazing the roof structure is.

this is the little back bedroom next to mine nestled under the eaves

this is the hallway space with the day bed

Below you can see the inside of the roof, this is what got the wheels turning. This pegged construction is so beautiful.  So the idea is to add insulation above the rafters and expose all these beams.  That said if you refer to insulation code it has recently increased to get an even greater R value so i need to also insulate within the beams as well.  This also creates of an issue of air escaping and causing moisture build up which can be an issue in cathedral ceilings.  I will not bore you with all the details here but if you need to know anything i may have read ever article ever written about cathedral ceiling and there pro’s and con’s.  Needless to say this stuff keeps me awake at night…

beautiful pegged construction, that terrible chimney will be coming down before it falls down 

Amazing old cut iron nails. This is the pop out dormer sections which for the 3 years i have lived at the cottage, their hasnt been any insulation in those walls.  Which is kinda amazing how warm it has been upstairs.  Im excited to give this old lady a new winter coat. Also the height in this windows is going to be amazing.

This is before with the dropped ceiling inside the dormer window. Note how lovely and cozy it was before i took a hammer to it, like a crazy person

Now a work in progress, with the insulation going in and showing off that high pitched dormer roof. Here i have two laters of 2″ insulation with spray foam seal and then metal tape over the seams. Im trying to be patient here and get a really good seal on the space.

This is what all the fuss is about. These beams that i want to expose and show off. Beautiful old oak. That beam below the window runs the whole length of the house, you literally cant get trees that long anymore! Also the reason that someone wanted to buy the house and take it apart just for the wood

This would be the moment that i was questioning what the hell am i doing. Thank goodness for some people i hired to do some labour and help !

Here you can see the roof line. The original 1830’s cottage on the left of the photo that is getting the beams exposed. Then the 1890’s section that is higher on the right

So things left to do:
-Finish insulation
-Dry wall sections
-Add another layer of insulation over the roof section and skim coat
-Rebuild wall adding corridor and closet
-more dry wall
-Re run some new electric
then i can get to the fun bit of decorating ….
wish me luck….

oh and replace the roof…