Boot Room Update and inspiration

I have long wanted to make the main back door to the house go through what was the pantry.  It just made sense to make the house work better.  Not that my house is so precious that i couldn’t have muddy boots in the kitchen, but it just seemed like it should have been this way.  From my previous post its highly possible that there was a door way here originally anyway. Also the plumping in this room was all exposed like in these pictures to follow so i would be surprised if what i am doing is just putting back something that was ripped out.  Anyway as the door was done the next thing on the list is the boot room.  Again as always everything takes way longer than you think, way more work and just with old house a lot more head scratching and figuring it out on the fly.  Another room with no right angles and uneven floors, my dream! I have always loved the working rooms in a house, the true engine and especially the victorians. They were such pioneers in the home and what was then cutting edge technology to make life easier.  See below for some inspiration shots….


I think its fairly well know my love of a cheap and easy subway tile, with a dark grout.  Add to it some brassy old hardware and the basic brass hose pipe faucet and were off to the races.  The giant old porcelain sink was a steal at a local thrift store that was closing moving so that really sealed the deal when getting going with renovating the room.  As always it probably would have been easier to rip out all the old shelves and start again, but i really loved the old rounded corners on some of the shelves, and the way that it is so all over the place.  I decided to keep what i could and just work around it.  The end result is a little random but totally right for the house.





The full back splash and all the work surfaces are subway tiled, both for ease and cost and it creates a totally washable space.  Doing dying projects, messy painting and also garden jobs will all happen in here so its important to create a space that isnt precious and can get dirty.  Yes it was at this point i questioned my paint and tile choice of white, but hey its the paint i had left over so i went with it.  Its washable okay….


 You know i love to tile, but i hate to grout. Tiling is the easiest so have a go, and ask me some questions if you get stuck! It really is one of the easiest ways to create a hard wearing and versatile surface, why do you think it featured so heavily in victorian times.

This is a work in progress shot so I will keep you all hanging for the final shots, the garden has got in the way of finalizing all the details.  Ive been working on gravity fed water troughs, a kitchen garden and adding to the white garden.  There really is nothing better than being in the garden.  With the addition of the brass hand rail and a few other brassy bits and its starting to come together.  It will probably take me all summer to finish it off and post some styled photos.  Needless to say its already got my dirty muddy boots in there, the sink has been full of cuttings and its changed the way i enter the house, all great things!!


thanks for reading