New Door at Jordan Cottage


For the longest time i have been planning to put a door that goes from the drive way directly into the what was the pantntry.  Its just always made more sense to enter the house this way as opposed to straight into the kitchen.  So last week my mum was visiting from England and this was the time i decided to tackle it.


















First off I removed the old window, very carefully as maybe one day i will need it along with the framing as the hope is that I could use some of it.  At this point i wasn’t sure if the doorway would work out to be exactly the same width as the old window frame itself.  All along i hoped i could at least use the top frame piece with the lip.  The more that i can re-use the more it will look like its always been there.  I love the old wood siding with its layers of chipped paint.



















What worked out great was that i think at some point over the years there was a door in this spot.  The header in the wall was already 5 inches or so above where the actual window was so i ended up framing down from where the header is so the door frame could fit.  This would have been a whole lot more work if i had had to remove the header and move it up.  As i was removing the plaster on the inside wall you could see where the there new plaster had been added, it chipped off in a perfect straight line, at the perfect height for the door.  I have this weird thing with the house, that i have talked about in other posts, its as if its just waiting for me to put it back the way it was meant to be.
















It look like such a huge mess at this point.  This is the part i cant stand, the whole thing looks like a disaster.  Thats the thing when your using old doors, in old houses, with reused wooden parts, it never looks tidy or together until that last coat of paint and the last hole is filled.  Of course i wouldn’t have it any other way.  

























Here a quick shot of a little bench that i’m working on for the inside space, which i’m now calling the boot room.  There will a big sink in here, along with laundry and i already use this for a pantry and boot store so its really going to be a great working catch all room. 



























Here we go, the finished thing. I think i picked this door up for $40 dollars at the flea market.  It cost a whole lot more that buying an off the shelf door with a frame, as all the lumber and such to make a custom frame soon adds up.  That said it is worth it to have the right door for the house, that looks like its always been there. I choose quality materials where they are going to take the most wear and tear, so the threshold step is oak and the framing is pine, not common pine with the knots.

The other great thing about opening up these walls is that i got to see the thick pine plank sheathing that makes up the house under the clapper board siding.  Its got to be an inch think, you cant buy boards like this any more.  Also i discovered that this whole section,(the 1900 part) has blown in insulation (which became common in the 80’s) so it must have been re-sided and insulated in the last 30 yrs or so. All great things…I love this house 😉