Eco stuff

Talk about how bad the weather and the humidity and how over it i am and my poor garden So i have been on a bit of a mission of late to really step up my awareness and therefore your awareness of what we are doing to the globe through our everyday actions. So i thought i woud put together a very simple review of what i do at the cottage to save energy and therfore money and therfore the environment.  So here we go (feel free to skip this post if your not into the details, but i love this stuff)


i have bought many a LED bulb and let my mistakes be your wins.  Below is the only two bulbs you will need.  There is an awful lot of edison style bulbs out there but they are very orange.  So the philips bulb is perfect as its adjustable and also i really like the larger round style.  At 5 watts which equaits to a previous 40w its not a bright light, but we all look better in a dim light.  Also its sort of amazing that you can light basically the whole house for what used to be one light bulb.  

Then the next bulb i really like to use, and this is for side lamps and mood lighting.  Its a small bulb, and at 2w its hard to believe we used those old energy sucking bulbs.  They throw a bright and is strong and specific but its not going to throw a piercing light all over the room.


Clean Energy 

Okay something i am relatively new too is the being able to offset your energy that comes into your home.  I am a supporter of which is an environmental charity, you can find out more about them here  Through there web site i cam across clean energy choice.  I know there is some negative press around this kind of service but after some research the benefits definitely out weigh the negatives.  Its extremely simple and if you can afford or dont want to install your own solar array then take a look.  Ill let you know how i find it and how much more it costs per month on bills



Wireless lighting 

Again something new and its not necessarily eco friendly.  Im in the planning stage of some renovations at the cottage, removing ceilings (my favorite) and exposing beams.  Thus comes the problems of lighting overhead and running wiring, so i have been intrigued by the developments of wireless light switches.  The two below are a somewhat integrated lighting system that doesn’t involve the iphone.  I installed the ceiling box outlet this weekend and it couldn’t have been easier and it removed the need to run the wiring from the fixture over the ceiling and down to a light switch on a wall.  This isn’t a problem for most as their would be a ceiling cavity to hide this but as i’m doing the whole thing exposed then i wanted to explore some options.


Heating and insulation

Again having an old house