Musings on home

Home, how one word can do so many things to the heart.  Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in a different time zone on the other side of the atlantic ocean.  But then some of us are built to have to leave in order to understand what they really miss.  The Northumbrian landscape that I grew up in can’t be captured in images.  It is so much more than an image.  The wind that wips around you, making you more alive than any coffee, the rain that as a visitor feels invigorating, screaming its time to wake up.  Then there is the wild life that surrounds you, that makes you realize that you can never see enough of it.  Its a place that make you come alive and makes your heart full.  






My family think i’m part crazy and part american tourist these days.  The roads that they travel everyday are a joy to see with fresh eyes, so much so I force then to stop so I can take a picture of their daily journey.  Those tiny roads that wind from farm to farm and then those blissful expanses of space, scattered with dry stone walls, some worse for wear that can only be found in England. Its been so long since I’ve regularly been on those roads i find it hard to belive two cars can fit on them, and can laugh at how tiny it all is.  Its something to be experienced and for anyone that has lived amongst this, a place that will always pull you back.  You can help but want to be outside.


The parental home.  Can it be true we spend the rest of our lives coming home……

This is the old lead mine entrance in the village of Allenheads.  Here you can see the working buildings and the old tunnels down in to the mines.  It was first closed in 1896 but later reopened in the 1970’s to little success.  


A forgotten house, full of potential.  The moors are a special kind of place.  Home to the grouse I spent a child hood working for, over the weekends for pocket money. Walking for hours on end to flush those beautiful birds to their demise, such is the circle of life in a working estate. Everything for a reason and to pay for its place.  This space has that special kind of loneliness that is both calming and awe inspiring.  The bleakness is where in lies its beauty.  As a child growing up i was the “arty” type so to be able to draw, collect and be amongst this landscape was something that is part of me me.  The need to find that solitary space has stayed with me where ever i go and is much a part of my personality as the grouse is to these moors.


This really is gods country …